Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Letter to the brave

Where are you now brave girl? Where is the girl who lived fearlessly in the moment? The girl who was afraid of nothing?

I remember the days when you would sing your lungs out, dizzying yourself as you twirled around the house in your little red leotard. Those were the days when you would perform for anyone, breakdancing to Tracey Chapman with no care of who might be watching. You were the girl who helped build a den with the boys in the woods, your hands grubby and hair matted with soil. You went on rollercoasters that threw you in the air, the faster the better, again and again. Remember the days of playing goalie with the older boys? You were willing to take any position to just join in, to be a part of it.
You were the girl who could so easily talk to strangers, sparking conversations as though you were already friends.

 I don't know where you are anymore little girl, perhaps you got lost on the way to adulthood, when reality became a lot scarier than the bubble wrap of youth. Maybe you are still in there somewhere, that little voice that says 'go on...you might enjoy it!' and is more often than not ignored.

 How I wish I could be more like you child, to be brave again, to be carefree...to sing as though the world is my audience.

The next 'Letters to' will be held at ruthpovey.com on the 16th July and the prompt will be 'Letters to explain', I hope to see you all over there in a fortnight!

For now though, it's over to you! :)


  1. This is so beautiful! I remember being a little girl like that once too :-)

    Thank you for hosting lovely Sabrina, will be linking my post up just as soon as I solve my WordPress issues!

  2. Sabrina, that's so lovely. Poignant and wistful and yes, I remember those innocent days before things all got complicated and weighed me down.
    Beautiful words.
    You know what? That little girl is still there. Somewhere deep down she's waiting to be found again. I really believe that.
    God bless you.

    1. Thank you Helen. I hope she is still there, sometimes I feel like I am afraid of too much. It would be nice to act without worrying about consequences for a change, to be carefree for a little while. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Oh, your words took me back in time, Sabrina! I was a child singing her song to the neighbours, twirling and singing again into my hairbrush, pretending I was famous for 5 minutes. There is still a bold and brave little girl lurking inside each of us as women. Only she feels so deeply hidden by fear and insecurity that we can barely see her. Grown up matters steal her soul. Being mothers ourselves is a wonder and a huge weight of responsibility combined.

    Though we can probably recapture some of the magic of those carefree days/moments if we plan and make space for spontaneity in our lives. I do hope you can get in touch with your lovely, exuberant inner child. We all need to find and unleash the childlike wonder and delight in living that is so easily lost.

    My latest fear challenge to overcome is to get brave enough to join in the linky this week now that I've read all 3 of your marvellous posts! Blessings :) xx

    1. Hi Joy, Thank you for your comment and your very kind words.I definitely think grown up matters have stolen my inner child...writing is such therapy, it really helps to pull these feelings up to the surface and show changes we need to make in our lives.
      I hope to see you linking up on Tuesday for Letters to explain! xx

  4. Honesty is what courage looks like as we grow up. I think you are taking grand steps in that. Your words stirred my heart, my thoughts. Powerful post.

    1. Thank you Karin, I appreciate your kind words :)

  5. This is lovely, really honest. Thanks for sharing :-)


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