Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Letter to a stranger (Letters to...)

I was six centimetres dilated when I met you. It had been a hard and painful day and I was a wonderful mixture of elated and petrified. My whole body was contracting fiercely as the life inside me made it's way closer to the world. 
You were just doing your job, the same thing you did every day. I was half naked, very happy on gas and air and giving my camera toting fiance the thumbs up!

I am so excited to be guest posting today over at ruthpovey.com to launch our new bi-monthly 'Letters to...' link up! This fortnights prompt is 'Letters to a stranger'.

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Letters To

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Listen (five minute friday)

It happens when he thinks I am not listening. When I am busying myself hanging laundry, washing dishes or cleaning floors. Tenderness between father and son floats through the hallway like a sweet melody. I hear the giggles of pure delight from a tiny boy as his daddy lifts him in the air, providing wings to fly. If I am very quiet, I can hear the sweet words exchanged with innocent babbling - 'daddy loves his little boy' - 'bahbah bohbohbah'.

These moments of vulnerability from an otherwise macho man sing to my heart and never fail to raise a smile from my lips. Sometimes I take a peek, at the risk of being caught and breaking the magic. I hide in doorways for a glimpse of a secret moment, where walls are broken down and love fills the room like sweet smelling incense.

I see two bodies cuddled into one, small hands inside big ones as they share daddy's favourite movies.
'He is the baddie Mason, we don't like him, and there goes Batman to save the day!'

I choose not to interrupt, not to break the beauty, but instead I cherish the moment, and just listen.

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Five Minute Friday

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Morning (concrete words)

It is the hours between days that breed doubt. As a nursing mother I spend many of these hours awake, but instead of savouring this precious, fleeting time with my son, I instead decide to drag my mind through the mess of the day.

Contemplation is not best done in the dark.

During this time my fears come alive, creeping in with bad intentions - keeping me awake. I become panic stricken, I am hopeless, I am scared. There is no light at the end of the tunnel and I am all alone. I am frantically searching for a resolution, an excuse, with the worry bearing down on my shoulders.

I pray for the peace of sleep!

And then the morning comes, bringing with it a fresh new opportunity for change. The sun slips between the blinds, and casts lines of life over what was, only moments before, dark and lifeless. The morning is alive and bright. The birds sing from their leafy perches, a beautiful reminder that I am not alone, that He is with me, guiding and loving.

It is in the morning, that troubles are revealed as inconveniences far less important than remembering to be thankful for the everyday blessings.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fall (five minute friday)

The moment I saw you, I fell in love. Months of dreaming of a face I could only imagine, optimistically awaiting the day I could count fingers and toes. I felt your tiny hiccups inside me, sang in tune to your kicks as you scrambled for space within. Countless days spent preparing, planning, praying for the boy I had not met and yet knew so well.
Every day I fall more, as you smile just for me. Your laughter is my joy, your tears mine to dry. You cling to me as I hold you, your thick fingers curling into my hair, and I know I am blessed.
My home is a happy place because of you, my heart has been made whole. Every day I smile and thank God for my gift. I watch you grow and learn and play, each day brings a new lesson, a new adventure, a new song to sing.
Your arrival was my happy ending, my unravelling future.

Five Minute Friday
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