Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Letter to the fly on the wall (Letters to)

To the fly on the wall,

I'm sure, to you, my life must seem a little scattered at the moment. You see my tears flow, and just as quickly as they began, turn to laughter. You hear the anger and harsh words thrown between loved ones, and the embraces of apology and forgiveness soon after.
I'm sure envy is not something you will have felt for me this past week.

When times are tough (which they seem to be so often these days) it's hard to direct the fear into positivity, to turn terror into productivity as is usually my way. When it feels like everything is falling apart, the lines of communication are broken, and love feels lost, like a grey cloud resting over my home and heart, blurring what's real and what's important.

I'm sure, like me, you noticed the absence of his cheeky smile, his child-like playfulness and his very loud and out of tune renditions of Lionel Richie. I wonder if you too would have given anything to put the spark back, to hear him say he is fine and actually believe it.

But somewhere in the grey, underneath the fear and in-between the hateful words bouncing off of these walls, our hearts are still beating and my lips are still praying and hoping to be heard. 

Love has not left this place just because we are struggling to understand each other. Life is not over just because another obstacle has landed in our path.

I wonder, fly on the wall, if you have seen the armor of God surrounding me in these last few days, if you have witnessed the many answered prayers that have blessed this house. How quickly things can change in the space of a week. How different today has been from the last seven. How my prayers have changed from desperate requests to songs of thanks.

I know that He is with me, and through the hurt, the sadness and the fear of the unknown I have felt His guiding hand upon my shoulder. I have heard His soothing words of encouragement, to trust in Him, to stand firm, to practice forgiveness and compassion.

And slowly, fly on the wall, my home is returning to normal. You will hopefully notice the lighter air, the smiles creeping back to our lips, the peace within my heart. And the warbling of Lionel Richie is surely just around the corner.  

This fortnight's prompt is Letter to the fly on the wall - over to you!

The next 'Letters to' will be held at Ruth's place at Learning {One day at a time}  on the 17th September and the prompt will be 'A letter to a younger me'.



  1. I love the way that despite uncertainty and difficult circumstances, you've kept hold of the fact that God is your constant. It's so easy to lose sight of that. Thank you for these little glimpses of real life too, praying that spark continues to burn brighter as you see God hold true to his promises xxx

  2. I hope and pray Lionel Richie makes an appearance soon - I can almost hear him singing "Hello" from here!

  3. Flies are witness to too much of our mess aren't they? But the miracle is that you keep going & trusting in Him. Hoping that Lionel warbles very soon


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